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Zach Locke, left, listens as winemaker Stephan Tissot listens in the Jura region of France.

Old World Wine Company’s mission is to work directly with small owner-operated grower domains across Europe whose wines respect the terroir, traditions and local varietals of the place, while also demonstrating integrity and value.

In today’s global economy, working directly with producers and selling directly to fine restaurants and wine shops is the only way to ensure the provenance, quality and fair market price by eliminating middle men, using only temperature-controlled shipments, and building long term relationships with producers and clients.


Zach Locke, owner of Old World Wine Co, started importing French wine into Colorado in 2004. Wine from France remains a focus, but Old World Wine Co. is now bringing fine wines from across Europe to Colorado.

Formally trained in culinary arts at Johnson & Wales University, Zach lived in Italy in 1999 and discovered the love for wine and its place in the culture, most importantly on the table to be enjoyed with a good a meal, family and friends. This foundation in fine food and wine forms many of the decisions he makes today. After returning to the United States, Zach worked in fine wine shops in Chicago and Vail, CO. After realizing that some of his favorite wines were not imported into the Colorado market, he started to import great Burgundy to the local market.

Today Old World Wine Co. works with more than 70 quality producers from France, Austria and Italy. The common thread is top quality with a sense of place showing terroir.

Zach Locke - Proprietor of Old World Wine Co.

Zach Locke – Proprietor of Old World Wine Co.

“We work with some really amazing producers who dedicate their lives to farming great vineyards with the utmost care to make the best wines possible. Great wines are always made in the vineyard, not in the cellar. Their vision is always a long term one, with future generations in mind. Farming in a sustainable, organic or biodynamic way ensures that they have healthy vineyards producing great wines and protecting the vineyards and traditions for future generations.”

- owner Zach Locke

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